Do you need to print a brochure or a banner but the print center is requesting a PDF graphic file?

Seeing is believing! This is where a graphic designer comes in handy – they can visually represent your great ideas. They are good at making your thoughts come alive!

We listen

Our designers are ready for your order, they will listen your design idea, follow your design guidance and review your project until completion of your project.

We design

The finished design projects provided by Mi2Design are ready to print. All designsare vectorial files at 300dpi resolution, CYMK or RGB color patten.

We deliver

Your design files will be delivered to you in electronic format via email. The formats provided by Mi2Design are (PDF*, JPG*, PNG* , EPS* , PSD*, IDD*)

Pricing Table 

Prices are per one design and are not negotiable.

Design jobPrice
Logo Design£ 87,00
Business Card Design£ 24,00
Flyer Design£30,00
Leaflet Design£54,00
Poster Design£12,00
Banner Design£80,00
Brochure Design£87,00
Stickers/Label Design£15,00
Certificate Design£42,00
Stamp Design£20,00
Letterhead Design£22,00
Envelope Design£10,00
Wedding Invitation Design£25,00
Old Picture Restoration £10,00

Prices can vary according to different specific requests.

Picture restoration


We can restore and repair any damaged , stained, or broken old picture that you have in your home album.  Familly pictures are priceles, why to loose them?

Scan yourold picture

Take a photo or scan the old picture!

We accept photos taken with your smartphone or a scanned file.

Send your picture  CLICK HERE

Restoration process

A photo will be restored between 1-2h depending on the damaged area. Price £10,00/each picture

Send your picture  CLICK HERE

Receiving your picture

Once we finished the restoring process, we will email you a preview. 

Picture will be delivered to you via Email at 300dpi resolution with two files (JPG file & PDF file) 

Send your picture CLICK HERE

Looking for a print center?

If you are looking for a place where to print your design files, we are here to make your job easier.

Call us for info 

You want to print or reprint some business cards, flyers or bruchures?

01244 941 295

High Quality 

We are working with one of the top online printing center that provides High Quality products (Paper, Toner & High Print Resolution) for small or large formats.

Delivery information

  • Monday -Friday 9.30-17.30
  • Delivery within 2 working days after order is placed and confirmed!

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  • Master Card
  • American Express
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