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Technical Support for your computer

Chat with Mi2Design Live experts for all your computer needs - from  technical problems, to email setup on outlook, and more.
➤ This service is only available to paid members. 
We will use a remote tool for getting access to your PC, this will give us the option to fix your computer in the comfort of your house!

Tech Support Mi2Design

Computer Check ‣ Clean up

If your computer is slow, is losing connectivity to internet or pages are not loading properly, our technicians can fix the errors, remove unwanted files, clean temporary files and fix registry files into your system, for speeding up your computer.

Virus Scan ‣ Antivirus install

After your PC is up to date, cleaned and running smooth, we will run a deep virus check up with your installed antivirus software, if you don't have one, we can help you with a Free version of 2020 AntiVirus system to add more peace in mind while your banking or shopping.

Advertising removal ‣ Ad Block

If you are annoyed by websites with too much advertising, we can help you remove/block web pages Ad's for smooth and more relaxed navigation to the web.
Enjoy more your news websites, or favourite web addresses without pop-up advertising.

Email Setup ‣ Outlook ‣ App

We all have nowadays a tablet or a smartphone that some time is giving us a hard time when is about adding your email into your Smartphone App or Outlook Email. 
Our technicians will help us with settings, password reset and mail app installation.

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is a paid service!

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